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» Demonstrator goals
The main goals of the DEMOCRAT project are the demonstration of a microgrid, comprising a LV and MV grid connection, the operation of such microgrid in either interconnected or islanded mode, the management of different flexibility resources, namely through demand response and trough energy storage, also integrating distributed LV sensors. Moreover, the project aims at demonstrating also how to accommodate further PV stations and further Electric Vehicle fast charging stations.
Those goals can be summarized as follows:
 •  Islanded and interconnected microgrid management
 •  Lithium-ion based energy storage system (250 kVA / 208 kWh)
 •  Electric vehicles smart charging management
 •  Street light management
 •  Distributed sensors
 •  Energy management and control algorithms for the energy system comprising storage
 •  Battery system control
 •  Energy storage asset management
 •  Containerized solution
In order to accomplish the DEMOCRAT project goals, a set of different use cases was considered, since the project has been designed with the ability to demonstrate the grid connection to different voltage levels, namely LV (400 V) and MV (15 kV). It also offers the possibility of enabling different active grid components depending on the operational purpose of each use case.

» Use Cases

The following Use Cases drive the project approach regarding R&D and the demonstration deployment.

Use Case 1 - Demand Side Management – Energy Procurement optimization through Demand Response Schemes | Energy Tariffs schemes

Use Case 2 - Managing private shared EV charging stations

Use Case 3 - Flexibility management of EV Charging Stations for  micro grid operation

Use Case 4 - Demand Side Management through DSO Oriented Demand Response Schemes

Use Case 5 - Islanded operation of micro grid

Use Case 6 - Enhanced Micro grid Operation through Street Light Management

Use Case 7 - Technical integration of Renewable Energy Resources